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Developing Personas for Effective Digital Marketing

Digital marketing scene in Bangladesh is rapidly evolving with more and more brands realizing the importance of having strong and effective digital media presence. For digital marketers, one of the key factors for effectively utilizing digital media is to understand who they want to reach through various digital media channels. While we often talk about TGs (target groups/audiences), the discussion also needs to be on personas. According to one definition on Hubspot Academy, Continue reading “Developing Personas for Effective Digital Marketing”


User Review: My Uber Is Here In Dhaka

This is a user review of the Uber’s service in Dhaka. The review is based on my personal experiences on Uber and their services offered till 2 July 2017. Continue reading “User Review: My Uber Is Here In Dhaka”

The Cover Letter That Got Me My Most Important Job Interview

Like most human beings, I have had some rough years. 2012 was one such year when I was struggling in life both professionally and personally life. However, the year ended on a positive note for me. I had landed on a job that would define my career under a line manager whose mentorship is one of my biggest professional assets.

Here is the actual cover letter. Continue reading “The Cover Letter That Got Me My Most Important Job Interview”

5 Reasons Why Big Bangladeshi Businesses Should Invest In Online Marketplaces

Waves of digitization are continuously hitting Bangladesh and how things are done over here. Internet-enabled smartphone users are in the early majority stage as the baton has been passed on from early adopters. This seems quite evident when I see Uber drivers, who are earning a living with the help of an app, realize how other apps can make life easier. If these people who are generally in the SEC Cs & Ds start using various apps effectively, it can only be good for the advancement of digitization. However, the wave seems to hit us too hard at times. I say this as I often see businesses asking “What?” before “Why?” Continue reading “5 Reasons Why Big Bangladeshi Businesses Should Invest In Online Marketplaces”

6 Internal Reasons Why Most Tech Startups Are Struggling in Bangladesh

Tech startups have taken the world by storm in the past couple of decades. Like most Asian countries, Bangladesh is going through a tech startup uprising. Global tech giants such as Facebook, Google, Rocket Internet, Schibsted, Naspers and Uber have taken a lot of interest in the market in the last few years. Local startups are also coming to life and that too in abundance. A lot of young people are directly getting involved in tech startups after graduating from university or in some cases, from the junior years. The Government is also very invested in digitalizing the Continue reading “6 Internal Reasons Why Most Tech Startups Are Struggling in Bangladesh”

A 3 Layered Grid for Professional Development Mapping

I am quite intrigued by the scope to find out the capacity of a person as a professional resource. In my experience in managing team members, I often come across people who are not competent at their assigned task and don’t enjoy it. However, some of them continue to perform such tasks for months or even years. These usually happen because of the person’s lack of openness towards learning or due to the inadequacy of their line managers. But more often then not, it’s both. While trying to find out a methodical way to identify my own and my Continue reading “A 3 Layered Grid for Professional Development Mapping”

6 Watch-outs While Using Social Media For Brands

People in Bangladesh love social media. It’s much easier to find someone with a Facebook account than with an email address. The importance of social media as a part of regular life is now quite evident as Dhaka has recently become one of the top cities in the world in terms most active Facebook users. For brands in Bangladesh, it is now more essential than ever before to get their social media strategies right. On that note, here are some watch-outs Continue reading “6 Watch-outs While Using Social Media For Brands”

7 Best Practices for Making Effective Presentation Slides

Presentation is a way to showcase ideas, trends, facts and/or results on a topic to an audience. It can be either face-to-face or in the form of sending a soft copy or hard copy of the content. The audience can be anyone who is willing to listen with an open-mind & enthusiasm or simply waiting to hear your words because they have been forced by their bosses to sit through the presentation! So, in Continue reading “7 Best Practices for Making Effective Presentation Slides”

6 Tips To Develop Ownership At Work

The moment people start taking ownership of tasks at their jobs, they are on their way to become their own bosses, at least psychologically! Developing ownership is to develop a connection with work which goes far beyond the regular work-pay relationship between an employee and an employer. Here are some tips on how ownership culture can be instilled in a workplace.    Continue reading “6 Tips To Develop Ownership At Work”

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