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6 Tips To Develop Ownership At Work

The moment people start taking ownership of tasks at their jobs, they are on their way to become their own bosses, at least psychologically! Developing ownership is to develop a connection with work which goes far beyond the regular work-pay relationship between an employee and an employer. Here are some tips on how ownership culture can be instilled in a workplace.    Continue reading “6 Tips To Develop Ownership At Work”

3 Mistakes by Chetan Bhagat

I think this is the first English novel written by an Indian writer that I’ve read. The setting is in Indian during the early years of the new millennium. The story is about 3 friends Govind, Continue reading “3 Mistakes by Chetan Bhagat”

To Kill A Mocking Bird by Harper Lee

I think I’ll put this book among one of the best stories that I’ve ever read. 40 million copies sold over a span of 5 decades! I read the 50th anniversary edition 55 years Continue reading “To Kill A Mocking Bird by Harper Lee”

4 Reasons To Start A Blog For Your Brand

A question for marketers: do you think your brand needs to have a blog? My answer to the above question would be Continue reading “4 Reasons To Start A Blog For Your Brand”

4 Watch-outs for Digital Marketers in Bangladesh

Digital marketing is not just about running online ads; it’s not just sending bulk emails or making YouTube videos once in a while. Oh, and it’s definitely not Continue reading “4 Watch-outs for Digital Marketers in Bangladesh”

How significant are we?

The sun shines as the brightest star in our galaxy and brings to us the light of life. The life that we cherish so much that often Continue reading “How significant are we?”

The Relaxing Couch!

Every time I get back from work and am exhausted, I freshen up and lie down on my couch. It is made of bamboo and I have put a few pillow-cushions over it to make it very Continue reading “The Relaxing Couch!”

Devoted Housewives

They are no ordinary people… They are no ordinary Housewives.. These brave women are the most supportive creations on Earth. They live beside the railway, in slums, Continue reading “Devoted Housewives”

My Clothes, my skin; My home, The DIRT!

I do not know why I feel so sad. I do not know why I feel ashamed. I do not know these kids, maybe will never see them again. But every time I see this picture, Continue reading “My Clothes, my skin; My home, The DIRT!”

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